(lf) annointed annexed fire lyuda and bounty flak class mod

I play on PS4 and i am looking for a The Bounty class mod for flak Along with a Annexed Lyuda, (fire, x2 modifier, anointed +50% incendiary damage for two mags after action skill) or any annointed annexed fire lyuda.

Here are all the weapons i have for trade(if i dont mention an annointed effect its normal)

-Cyo Lucians call

  • Radiation crossroad
  • Cryo crossroad
    -Radiation Butcher
    -Annexed Vicious lyuda(no element)
  • Cryo Lazer-sploder
    -Inifinity, Cryo and shock
    -Rowans call( Radiation)
    -Shocking AAA
    -Flaker( Cocky,Burning)
    -Unleash the Dragon Artifact
    -Mooar Linoge(corrosive)
    -Dammed assault rife(Fire,Shock)

Annointed weapons

-ANNOINTED Corrosive Lucians call( on action skill end next 2 mag have 50% additional bonus dmg

  • Annointed Crossroad( after attack command gain 30% lifesteal)
    – Annointed Bitch- Action skill end deal 125% more dmg to badass,named, and boss
    -Annointed Fire Cutstman for flak with extra charge of rakk attack
  • Oozing Potent Roisens thorn(annointed beastmaster) while fade away active gain increase accuracy and handling

Uhmm … this is the PC trading post friend. You may get better traction if you post over on the PS4 trading post.

welp i feell ike a complete idiot