LF annointed big boom blaster with 50% cap

LF Annointed big boom blaster with 50% capacity and possibly chance for dmg boosters or dmg reduction boosters. Preferably annointed with 75% on iron bear exit but will consider others. have plenty to trade. Gt is Ye olde wolf

I have a 50% Elemental in ASE. with reinforcement. so I need to check if it has more than 50% capacity.

I got a few I’d have to check if any have the 50% shield or annointed. Got an atom balm relic with +1666 shield by any chance?

I’m just heading out for supper I will check in a bit

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I am willing to trade for it even if it doesn’t have the max cap. I have yet to find a elemental dmg version.

Hey bud, just looking through my stuff. I got a atom balm white elephant with 17% smg, 7% exp, and 1666 max shield

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Awesome I’ll check my shields after work. You were also after redistributior in another thread? I can help there too just let me know elements

On the redistributers preferably fire and then shock or cryo. I have corrosive (consecutive hits annointment) and rad (unnanointed)

Anything else your looking for. If your down to trade for a few of those redistributers

I have a cryo/fire and a shock/corrosive, I’ll send you both for the atom balm, and the shield if I have one. What’s your GT? Mine is Stray2615

Ye olde wolf

Just added ya

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Awesome, I’m in Australia and won’t be home for like 7 hours but I’ll shoot them across after, I’ll add you on app now

No prob. Sending the artifact over right now

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Just sent. If there’s Anything else your looking for just let me know.

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right, do you have any dictator with 50% STNL cryo anointing?
or carrier with the same anointing or 100% ASE?

Recursions sent. This is the big boom I have if you’re interested.

Lol it was redistributers I was looking for. I was confused when you put two different elements into one, thanks though my brother was looking for these. Do you have any redistributers you are willing to trade for

I will check

Oh damn sorry lol. I’m going to bed now but I have 2 spare, one is def corrosive but I think 2nd is shock, I’ll check after work tomorrow, sorry. Is that shield any good to you?