LF annointed Brainstormer. Also big ass list of crap for sale

Phasegrasp preferred. Also action skill end Weapon status effect dmg/chance. Or anything else I could use on it. Order of precedence.

FT -

True Monocle (20% bonus radiation)
Hellshock (Phasegrasp - Accuracy+Handling)
Burning Vigor Alchemist (Phasegrasp - Accuracy+Handling)
Projectile Recursion (Annointed Operator - 12% magazine Regen during digiclone)
Annexed Damned (Action Skill End - 125% wep dmg to badass/named/boss)
Stuffed Tunguska (Phase slam - Wep Dmg * 300)
Speedloading Hellwalker ( Action Skill End - Status effect/dmg increased by 75%)
Outdoorsman Frontloader (Phasegrasp - 3129 dmg nova)

Normal Legendaries:
Rowan’s Call
Engulfing Fraiser
Lucian’s Call
Adopting Trained Hellfire
Searing Trained Hellfire
Venomous Trained Kaos
Oozing Gratifying Raisen’s Thorns
Venomous Barage
Cash-Infused Brainstormer
Redundant Brainstormer
Engulfing Shredifier
Deep-Dive Face Puncher
Cloud Kill
Binary Destructo Spinner
Stark Tsunami
Decisive Bitch
Boasted Freeman
Storming Infinity
Cunning Lead Spreader
The Flood
Dangerous Thunderball Fists

Legendary Class Mods:
Fragmented Vestigial Dragon (Siren)
Scattered Prepped Cold Warrior (Operator)
Woven Reactive Nimbus (Siren)
Rope-a-Dope Solitary Breaker (Siren - Great for melee; extra point in Find your Center)
Reactive Raining Nimbus (Siren)
Primeval Spectral Phasezerker (Siren)

Roid Rough Rider
Wallrunner Stop Gap
Sticky Quasar
Generator Re-Charger
Storm Front
Rough Rider
Cauterizing Victory Rush
Hot Drop Rocket Boots
Knife Drain Victory Rush
Tactician Band of Sitorak (Only level 26 but it doesn’t matter as far as I know)
Rain Firestorm

I have one that has -+50% incindiary damage after action skill end.

Stats and bonuses on your vestigial dragon com and the phazerker com?