LF ANNOINTED EMP5x2 (aka the crader)

Lf Emp5 ( also known as the cradle) for amara anyone have an anointed x2 preferably I have a couple of things to offer pm me or put it here I may have what you want

The Agonizer now drops it and pretty regularly.

I’ve been farming him with an ION Cannon and it goes pretty quick.

Dictators, Damned, EMP5, Loaded Dice and everything else.

I’ve had 6 annointed EM P5 drop during the past night including a 300% Slam.

Do you have any x2 with a 100% ASE?

i have ASE 100% emp5 x2

LF:1.Zane Weapons (SNTL +50% Cryo)

  • craps(corro cryo fire)
  • Ion Cannon x2 (Shock)

2.ASE +100% damage

  • craps(shock rad)

I got you with a Zane redistributior for your emp5 it’s got 100% on ASE? mine are +50 cryo on ASE