LF annointed maggie on action skill end 100% weapon damage lvl50

Let me know what you would like!

I have it
LF phasecast class mods

Do you mean a phazezurker com?

I don’t think I have one for 100% but I know I have one for ASE 125% named, badasses, bosses.

Looking for a Molten Vicious Lyuda for Amara, or Anointed Infinity Pistols.

I only have a radiation infinity. Nothing else of what you wanted sorry :confused:

Anything at all anointed for Amara?

I won’t be able to make it on for a few hours, but I can help you out. You can add me, just be sure to leave a comment in the friend request. PSN jorgeammo

Same here no rush though. Burj13
I have a non elemental butcher with 250% damage after phasecast if you want?

I have a phazezerker class mid and also elementalist if u by chance have 2


Im confused what do you want exactly?