LF Annointed Maggie with STNL bonus OR regular one

Also looking for a Legendary Zane Executor mod with some variant of Weapon damage, jackobs crit dam, and pistol damage!

Just reply here for trading or if you are generous my name is datMKJ in-game.


I have these two. Let me know if you are interested.

Maggie (anointed, +300% weapon damage after phaseslam)
Maggie (anointed, melee attacks have a 25% chance to apply terror)

Yeah I’ll definitively have one of those. No preference. What did you need?

Here are the items I am looking for. Do you have any of these items for trade?

If you don’t have any of these items, I would be open to looking at your trade list.

I’ll check to see what I have when I get on. Honestly I just pick up a bunch of random legendaries and bank them. Got a couple good Zane mods tho I believe

Did you have a chance to look at your inventory?

Knife Drain Deathless Artifact
Cauterizing Otto Idol with +71% AR Dam
Elemental Projector Commander Planitoid (ele boost +90%)
+17% SR Dam
+27% Ignite Chance

Got a couple Executor, Infilitrator, and techspert legen mods for Zane
Got a Phasezerker, dragon, and elementalist legen mods for Amara
Got a Rocketeer and Mindsweeper legen mods for Moze

Grenade Mods:
Surge Grenade mod with 301% Cryo
Storm Front
Trans-fusion Tracker with Cryo

Hypercharge Big Boom Blaster
Grounded Recharger with 27% resis to Fire (+15% recharge)
Tyrant Nova Burner

G U N S :
Annexed Resolute Lyuda
Quickdraw Monocle
Cocky Flakker
One Pump Chump
ANNOINT Speedloading Hellwaker (On ASE, weapon sattus effect dam and chance are inc by 75%)
Hazourdous Kill-o-the-Wisp with SHOCK
Gatlin’ Gatling gun
ANNOINT hawt embrace the pain (on ASE, next two mags will have bonus rad dam)
Arctic Dauntless Kaos with CRYO
Venamous Barrage (On ASE, crit dam increased by 25%)
Lucians Call with FIRE
Viral Bitch
Expert Tasunami
Binary Mocking Cutsman
Binary Destructo SPinner with CRYO/CORROSIVE
Stark Devoted with FIRE/RAD
Handsome Jackhammer
Arctic Reflexive Nighthawkin
Auditing Hyperfocus with Cryo
The Flood
Dueling Wagon Wheel
Queens Call
Frozen Ginormous Banarang XL with CRYO
The Duc
Molten Infinity
Venoumous Hornet
Searing Nemesis
ANNOINT searing nemesis (On ASE, next two mags will have bonus shock dam)
ANNOINT Unending Magnificent (On ASE, next two mags will have bonus rad dam)
Double Penetrating breeder
ANNOINT Itchy Devils Foursum (While BARRIER is active, acc increased by 60% and crit is inc by 30%)

I have more than this if nothing meets your needs!

I will trade you for your Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid. What is your Epic name?



I sent the Maggie over. Let me know when you send the Elemental Projector Commander Planetoid.

Oh okay! Ill do it now. Thanks man!