LF annointed melee gear

Hey y’all.

So, if you feel like donating, donate. If you feel like trading, let me know what you want!

I’m finally leveling amara and am going for the melee build

All the gear I’m looking for is annointed for melee and level 50. I don’t care how good or bad the roll is. If it’s the gear I’m looking for I’ll trade ya for it.
I have over 100 different legendaries sooooo i might have what you want. This includes the rare mob event gear

I’m looking for:

Brawler ward
breaker mod
face puncher

Those 3 specifically. If you have any annointed melee gear (which is objectively good) post it here and I’ll let you know if I like it :slight_smile:

Thanks y’all.

Bamp still lookin.