LF Annointed Operative (SNTNL 50% bonus cryo damage) Weapons


Also a Cryo Dictator
Cryo Deathless artifact
Cryo victory rush (with assault/cryo dam/effeciency
Artic Night Hawkin (life steal on skill end)
Bearcat (weapon damage 100% on skill end)
Malak’s Bane (status chance by 50%)
Resonants Back Ham (skill cooldown by 20%)
Double Penetrating Alchemist (50% additional shock damage)
Moar Linoge (auto bear is active 8% regeneration)
Influential Bitch (phase slam, 200% melee)
Dastardly Maggie ( gamma burst 65% bonus rad)
Cutsman shock (action skill end 100% melee damage)
Mirv tacular Hex ( on action start, regenerate 1 grenade)
Big boom blaster shield ( after exiting iron bear kills increase cooldown rate by 30%)
Facepuncher (200% melee damage after phaseslam)

I have crap tons of legendaries for trade just ask

I’m here hmu asap psn RICH_RULEZ



Do you have an elemental deathless artifact

Yes sir let me check

Like 183% elemental boost plus deathless, or like slam bonus deathless

Yes that is great, I’ll add you rn


I know I got lucians call but its normal I think in cyro not anointed , but got any amara class mods by chance ? or lyuda annexed in radiation or corrosive (as to to complete annexed set!) though got plently other other stuff and think hawkin ice gun anointed for that class.

I’m looking this this specific operative annointed perk (50% cryo damage) but it doesn’t have to be on a Lucians.

I check the night hawkin gun for you on the anointed operative buff

it says on the operative anointed one “while sntnl is active, gain 50% of damage as bonus cyro damage” u but its cyro hawkin not Lucian call!

It’s perfect! I’ll take it, would u happen to have any others with this annointment? Maybe a shield with the boost speed annointment while drone is active?

afraid not its rare I get anointed operative stuff as that’s first one I got as drop when using fl4k but if you can make use of gun go ahead but got anything I need though amara class mod is more important then lyuda at moment

Ofc send fr psn RICH_RULEZ