LF annointed Operative weapons

Specifically Digi clone swap damage weapons. Preferably Rowans or Lucians. Have all recurring hex/mirv grenades FT plus a ton of weapons (non annointed)

Lucians Call - +130% Weapon Damage after Digiclone Swap (Cryo)

Can I get a list of what you have that’s anointed

As far as annointed its not much but i will compile a list. Or if your in game just send me an inv psn RICH_RULEZ

Artic Night Hawkin (life steal on skill end)
Bearcat (weapon damage 100% on skill end)
Malak’s Bane (status chance by 50%)
Resonants Back Ham (skill cooldown by 20%)
Double Penetrating Alchemist (50% additional shock damage)
Moar Linoge (auto bear is active 8% regeneration)
Influential Bitch (phase slam, 200% melee)
Dastardly Maggie ( gamma burst 65% bonus rad)
Cutsman shock (action skill end 100% melee damage)
Mirv tacular Hex ( on action start, regenerate 1 grenade)
Big boom blaster shield ( after exiting iron bear kills increase cooldown rate by 30%)

And a facepuncher (200% melee after phase slam)

What element is they mirvtacular hex

I have a fire Lucians call annointed.
+26% weapon damage
+33% fire rate
While digi-clone active, regenerate 12% of magazine ammo per second


I’ll trade with u. Hmu psn RICH_RULEZ

U still looking for that trick unforgiving?

Got one a while back

So what can i do to get that annointed Lucians off u?

Looking for a good rolled ice breaker Otto idol, Zane executor class mod (to trade with to someone who has said icebreaker Otto that wants that) or cryo Lucians with 1.5 zoom and 50% radiation or fire damage for my Amara

U in game?

Yes in the middle of a circle of slaughter why?

I’m sure I can find something of interest to u. Send me an inv if u down psn RICH_RULEZ

Sure I’ll add you