LF Annointed Rad Rowans Call

Atm I currently have an annointed incendiary Rowans Call. If you have an annointed rad Rowan’s call, and are willing to trade it for something let me know :slight_smile: trying to make an epic gamma burst Fl4k

I have one. Terrified anointed, bullet reflecting. You have a cloning (or better prefix) Ghast Call?

I do have a corrosive ghast call, but it only has exploder. And its non annointed

Shoot me a picture of the card via psn, if you don’t mind.


Currently doing offline farming atm. But just took that right now

Same one I have.

Yeah, I’ve noticed alot of people are finding the same ghast calls alot.

The only one I’ve been able to find. How about a shock recurring hex?

You willing to trade that for the Rowans call, or you want me to throw something else in?

Nope. That’s fine. Rowans call is good. My psn is “Get_Trophies_plz”

Ok, see ya in a minute