LF annointed shredifier will trade

Need annointed ones with either the 5%won dmg killing anointment or consecutive hit annointment or next rounds element ase.
I’d prefer also if it had either the bipod or double barrel secondary mode. Can be any element.

I have many solid weapons and mods for trade including god roll st4ckbots,bounty hunter, new Zane mod, spiritual driver. Hmu

Cheers Buddy,

Should have some Shredifiers for ya.
Do you own a Bounty Hunter with Weapon Dmg, Heavy Dmg and Splash dmg?
Or an artifact with heavy dmg, aoe dmg and ascr?

Greetings K.

Ik guessing something for ion cannon I highly advise u stay away from that gun that’s 100%getting nerfed lol.
I got some coms with heavy dmg for fl4k and moze

Only need those 3 stats on both items buddy :^)