LF Annointed Transformer + Grenades (Elemental Damage ASE)

Looking for these items for my Amara. I have lots of legendaries to trade. Just lmk and I can check for you. Have lots of annointed gear, Lucky 7s, DLC class mods, etc.

PSN: psDrEw66

I have both the transformer and a ton of ASE grenades. I’m looking for SNTNL queens or Kings calls if you have any.

Unfortunately I have almost nothing for Zane. Hes the 1 character I dont play as. Only thing I got is Auditing Crossroad Cryo Digi Clone.

I have an ASE transformer, I’ll double check the element

Do you have a rough rider, any rough rider without action skill cooldown will do

Edit it’s radiation

I have a Sprint Rough Rider and an Adrelanine Rough Rider (+Reload Speed). Would those work?

Yup, as long as it has zero mention of cooldown

Whichever one you don’t want is fine with me I need it for testing

I edited my comment, it’s a radiation transformer

Thank you sir, enjoy

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