LF annoited 300% brawler ward (200% melee)

Let me know what your looking for… if I have I’ll get back to ya.

I have

I am looking for anointed weapons with rad damage or rake attack damage

I’m looking for phaseslam annoited.

I have an anointed 300% Phaseslam Brawler Ward.

Do you happen to have a Skeksil (FIRE), anointed Linc pistol, or an anointed legendary grenade that isn’t the hexes, firestorms, or moxxi’s bouncing pair?

I have an annoited gunner surge fire

What annoitment you want on firestorm

damn gunner; I play Fl4k so that’d be useless for me unfortunately. I would have loved a Fire Surge if it had the generic regen 1 on AS start anointment.

I have none annoited gravity salvo firestorm

Unfortunately , the only other annoited grenade I have is a shock cloning hex. Annnoited nades are rare…I need to replace my 180% brawler sigh…

Still looking for this.

I think I may have one, be on in 40 mins, looking for anointed hex

I have annoited shock cloning hex… regenerates one grenade start action skill.

I have too much stuff ft to list… that why I asked for specifics.
16 mules full of stuff.

Ok I have one for you, I’ll take that anointed shock hex, what’s your psn

Closed. Thanks