LF Annoited Kybs Worth's and Moonfire's

Post below what you would like in return. Thanks in advance!

I have a good one. Looking for Zane annointed Scourges, Zane executor class mod with mag size, re-router shields, 1% lyuda or terror crit, and terror apply shields/grenades.

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What are the bonuses on your gun. I have some of what you need.

have a kybs worth with life steal, do you have any gear with 100% damage on rakk hit

No sorry. Only play amara so my gear for other classes is quite small.

Oh ok

Im sure I have something you’re looking for! Let me take a look when I get home tonight :slight_smile:

Does the Re-Router Shield your looking for need to be Anointed by chance?

do u still need kybs worth

I do. I don’t have any Rakk Attack Annoitment tho. Don’t play Flak

Do u have a roided rough rider

I have a couple annoited RE-Routers, and an apply terror firestorm grenade

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I do. What elements and Annoitment is on your Kybs?

I dont need the rough rider anymore but I’ll still send u the kybs worth its rad and corrosive with life steal on ASE, what’s ur gt

That would be awesome! It’s Megalom4niac

K I’ll send it when I get chance

I really appreciate that! Thank you :slight_smile:

No problem


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i have cryo/fire with 100% ase. Do you got a cryo lucians call with ase damage 100% or a maggie with ase damage 100%?