LF Annoited Mocking Binary Custom

looking for anoited mocking binary custom, legendary mod lv 50 treacherous executor with sniper damage and prefer plus 5 playing duty perk(I know…pretty specific here). Might be interested in others as well…gamertag provided after working out deets here.


lv 50 Cryo Lucians Call,
lv 50 Annoited Corrosive Breath of the Dying,
lv 50 Storming Krovvy Lyuda Electric

lv 50 Antihero Patched Techspert operative
+50 Dahl weapon acc
+36 shield recharge rate
+45 jakobs weapon crit damage

lv 50 Express Shockerator operative
-19% shield recharge delay
+25% Jakobs reload speed
+15% Dahl weapon fire rate

lv 50 Packaged Resourceful Shockerator Operative
+Splash Damage Radius
+25% Torque weapon reload speed
+45% Dahl weapon crit damage

lv 50 Speedloadin Hellwalker Annoited Gunner…
while auto bear is active, deal 20% bonus incendiary dmg

lv 50 Grave legendary artifact
+21% action skill cooldown rate
+40% fight for your life duration

3 lv Brawler Wards…cryo, fire and corrosive resistances

lv Casual Flakker
1502 x 3 dmg
+210 splash damage radius

lv 50 Gatlin Gatling Gun Anoited Lead
On action skill end, crit damage increased by 25% for a short time