Lf anoint slowhand elemental projector artifacts and multivitamin

As stated looking for an anointed slowhand. Preferably a x2 incendiary, shock, or corrosive with the anoint being 100% weapon damage, 120% splash or 50% elemental damage. Also looking for elemental projector artifacts and anoint mendels multivitamin

I’ve got spiritual drivers, new dlc weapons, seein dead zane mod, lump, 100% redistributors/recursion, 50% ase transformers, its piss, recurring hex, got a couple moze x2 120 splash ion cannons, shock x2 ion cannon 250 phasecast anoint, 100% ase autoaime, 125% x2 ion cannon

I have 1 with 120 splash on it

Corrosive x2?

Nah its regular sry didn’t see that part

All good brother

Anything I could trade for one of those redistributes by chance?

Yea is that ion cannon 2 projectile or just 1? Also I’m open to other offers, I’m interested in green monsters, spiritual drivers, anointed cutsman and kybs worth, elemental projector artifacts. Whatever you got lost it and if it peaks my interest I’ll trade ya

are you after something like this?

I have a x2 ion cannon with 125% extra splash ASE, non elemental though. What’re the rolls on your seein dead com?


Still interested I’ve got a few rolls not home rn will check later

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Are any of your redistributors powerhouse w ase 100?

I’ll have to check. What’s the powerhouse roll? I may be ble to tell you rn ik I have 2 with 100% ase

24% mag size -19 shield charge delay 45 hyperion crit.
20 corrosive res 10 tediore damage 50 jakobs accuracy
33 weapon handling 15 Dahl fire rate and 50 jakobs accuracy

Hostile powerhouse incendiary with 100% ase

Works for me, are you on now? psn Ice-T411, send me a fr and we can take care of this if I’m still awake

Yes. DoodleMyPoodle is my psn

damn, you got any 100%ase dlc gear?

Unfortunately all I got is a couple moze ion cannons