Lf anointed 130% zane

i need anointed gear for zane.
I have parts in stock to negotiate .
an anointed night hawkin would be great.

I have a trick unforgiven, 432% critical if thats any use to you?

i hav a lucians call whit thet Anointed

Everything helps.
Is there Something to look for?


Are you looking for something, can i check in the Bank?

Anointed Transformer (ASE 50% shock damage)
Anointed homing Everblast XL (ASE/100/125)
Shock Protuberance

I’II check the night.

Have annointed nighthawkin, corr lucians, and rad crossroad with those annoints.

I’m interested.

what are you looking for

Good annointed cutsmans or crossroads with annointments for zane and amara. +5 phaserker comm. 300% brawler ward. Good corrosive weapons with good annoints. Nades with 25% melee chance. Shields (transformer and recharger preferred) with bonus elemental dmg on ase. If not any of those shoot me some offers