LF anointed band of sitorak

Specially one with ASE gain 50% radiation. I have lots to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for…

I have one. I’m not looking for anything specific besides a Rakk Pak mod, but if you have any good weapons with ASE 100% weapon damage or 100% damage on Rakk Attack target anoints, those would work too.

GT: janejana

Oh I’m going to go thru my inventory right now and check. I’m also going to add you!

I have a lucians call (fire) with ASE weapon damage 100%

Burning vulgar alchemist with the same anoint.

Redundant trending heart breaker (fire) with the same Anoint.

Negating vicious lyuda (cryo) with the same anoint.

R4kk p4k +25 weapon damage, +10 jakobs weapon damage, +50 maliwan weapon accuracy. +1 in head count, +2 grim harvest, +2 pack tactics

R4kk P4k for Band of Sitorak okay? If so I can mail it to you the next time I’m on (should be in an hour or so).

That works out perfectly for me


Thank you! Sent the BoS

Thank you kindly!