LF Anointed Beast Master Cryo Redline and Ice Breaker Otto Idol

These are very specific items so they are pretty hard to find, so I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask here.

Preferably the Redline would have +100% dmg after skill end or damaged by Rakks or the +125% dmg to badass/named after skill end.

The Ice Breaker Otto Idol I’m looking to have any 2 of the following at least;
Grenade Dmg
Area of Effect Dmg
Cryo Dmg
Shotgun Dmg
Health Regen
Action Skill Cooldown
Magazine Size

I have a few good things for trade if need be. I really want these things lol.

Thanks in advance.

Good luck on the icebreaker Otto man I’ve been trying to get one for 2 weeks

Oh man. That isn’t reassuring lol

Bumpin’ this for today, still really want these items.

I actually finally managed to get one for myself after trying forever as you said haha and had to give up a god roll Zane executor mod for it. Do you happen to have an anointed creeping death or flesh melter Otto idol?

The one I got is magazine size and cryo efficiency tho

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Nah, I don’t have either of those. I’ll keep an eye out for it while I’m farming.

What do you have tho a list may help

Right lol.

let me go to Sanctuary and see what I have and whip up a little list

I have like 50+ Leg. Fl4k mods,
a bunch of Anointed Legendaries some for Fl4k, some for Amara.

Laser Sploders, Annexed Lyuda, Singularity Firestorm grenades, MIRV Widowmaker 'nade, Anointed Night Hawkin (Lifesteal after skill end), Anointed Bearcat (100% dmg cryo/fire)
Hot Drop Otto Idol (Cooldown, Move Speed, Rad Resist)
Radiohead Otto Idol (Mag size, melee, max health)

Flesh Melter Pull-Out Method (Cryo Dmg, Action Skill cooldown, and electrocute chance),
Last Stand Splatter Gun (Fire and Rad dmg)
Corrosive infinity anointed for 100% dmg after skill end

Cauterizing Otto Idol (AoE, Reload, Move Speed)

I just got the Ice Breaker Otto Idol by using one of my keys.

I know I got icebreaker otto idol, with both cooldown and ammo I think but need to recheck as many artifacts hard to remember what each one has on it

Thanks for the heads up, man. I have gotten that item a while back. In the 25 days since I posted this I’ve done an ungodly amount of farming. lol

@mikec459 Don’t worry about it.

yeah im using one tempory till I can sort out icebreaker victory rush with mag perk as had no luck farming victory rush variant with mag perk.

Yeah,that’s my bad on the time frame. I’ve played Borderlands since the beginning and this is honestly the first time I’ve joined any thread. I’ll be sure to stay more on top of findings and chime in before a month,haha.