LF anointed bekah’s

LF Bekah’s with 2 mags elemental on ase. I have a good selection of items available for trade.

Bump up

I’ve got a barrier one

@drew22602 What are ya looking for? Hopefully I can help

I need a SNTNL cryo or barrier Maggie

I got both, I can send. What’s your gt?


That’s eleven o’s btw

What’s your gt?

Ye olde wolf

Sent it along with some other stuff

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Thanks bud I will send over shortly

Sure thing

Anything else you looking for

SNTNL cryo redistributor or any good class mods

Seein dead? Could you invite me to a game and I can drop for ya

@drew22602 I got black screened. Have to restart. Sorry

No Problem

Thanks bud. Those work for ya?


Bump up