LF anointed Big Boom Blaster/Hex 💜

  • LF anointed Big Boom Blaster (cooldown, dmg reduction, 5% hp regen)
  • LF anointed Hex (any version)
  • LF Phasezerker without Conflux and +3 (or more) Anima.
    Good stats like generic Weapon dmg, Cooldown, Mag Size, so on.

ingame: Schmu666

(pictures before 10.17. hotfix)








Class Mods


Now when you say “shield hp regen” are you looking for a COM with both of these?

looking for the legendary class mod “if moze is healed, she gains shield instead”

In that case, I’ve got just what you need. Epic Username is SwixSwax.

cool :smiley: anything specific u need?

Do you have any anointed torgue guns? I’m definitely looking for anointed stuff with splash damage radius on them.

actually think i have an annointed Ogre… its vladof, but deals splash damage… think its normal bullet dmg + 50% radiation… will check… could be good for moze, coz high firerate

That sounds good to me. Just come join me in my session and we’ll see what you have. I’m online now.

i need a minute, sorting thru mules since bank space is rare lol

you got mail, i might have another annointed torgue, gotta check

ah no, that one was annointed for zane…

Any of you got Mozes mind Sweeper Class mod by any chance?

Not at home atm. is that the Splash Damage mod? I got that one & the Iron Bear one.

I am looking for:

  1. Siren Anointed Radiation Queen’s Call (bonus damage after action skill/slam use)
  2. Anointed Siren Bullet-Vacuum Recharger shield mod ( on action skill end 30% dmg taken return to enemies)
  3. Artifact - Elemental Projector Static Charge with magazine size and cooldown reduction bonus.

Got any?

Might have an Ele Projector Static, will check when I’m home. Also got some Shields with 30% dmg return, write you laters if it fits your description :slight_smile:

I have 2 of them, what are you offering?


ok, thx, please let me know

Just checked, think I sold the Static Charge one for some reason, lack of space I guess…

Do you by any chance also got a Blast Master class mod for Moze? If yes I got sploders, 3 other class mods. I got also some Artifacts and shields that are decent. I also got the normal flakker and the incendiary one. You tell me what you want for it and I look it up if I got it :D.

I got most Moze class mods
Ingame: Schmu666
looking for Rad/Ele Sploders :slight_smile:

I will send both to you via ingame Mail when i get home in 4 hrs. Usernamen: Lilthrill