LF Anointed Brawler Ward

I have a 300% melee damage Brawler Ward but I missed the window where it was possible to get one of these anointed with the +200% melee damage after Phaseslam. If anyone could part with one I would be eternally grateful

Wait is it no longer possible to get one with that anointment?

I got one with 300% yesterday, was farming Graveward, and I was online, anyways I have an extra annointed one at 300%, but sadly its shock resistance instead of fire, not sure if that matters too much for ya. Add me on epic ig is shadowreeper1337

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Hey Shadowreeper, any chance you still have that brawler ward? I’ve got plenty of nice stuff to trade for it :slight_smile:

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Sorry I was taking a nap, do you have a Phasezerker by chance?

Hey shadow do you still have a 300% ward? I cant seem to get one to drop at all.