LF Anointed crossroads (100pct/50pct dmg), anointed shreddifier/lucian call/lazersploder

Have anointed weapons shields etc
non anointed recurring grenade mods and artifacts

i have 2 anointed crossroads, cryo with moze skill and cash infused shock one that deals 50% bonus rad damage, interested?

hmm sorry looking more for fire or corrosive crossroads for amara. thanks tho

@joecheong85 This what I got for corrosive

Ah i have that too. Just looking for anointed ones atm. Thanks tho!

i have a corrosive annointed crossroads with 50% incendiary mag. do you by chance have an anointed brawler ward with 200% melee?

I have an anointed lazersploder

hi i think i do. I’ll doublecheck when i get back from work. Whats your ign?

whats the anointment? and element? thanks. Is there anything u r looking for?

My Epic Account name is: IMKSMOOT

k i’ll get back to u as soon i can, thanks

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