LF anointed Double downer shield

LF anointedDouble downer shield. Preferable anointments are: on iron bear exit gain 75% shields and health, while sntl active gain movement speed, any elemental dmg on ase. I am interested in others though so if you have what I’m looking for, shoot me a msg here or on Xbox. GT is Ye olde wolf. I have a good selection of items to trade.



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I hope you get one. I think a shield like that would be interesting to toy around with. Please let me know if you end up with one. Thanks

I actually have one with rad on ase that I’ve been using on zane and flak. Just looking for other options for it as well.

Would any of these interest you in a trade for a double downer shield with ASE rad?

Transformer On ASE, gain 50% Cryo Damage for 10 Seconds
Transformer ASE causes terror
Transformer melee causes terror
Transformer Ammo regen while terrored
Transformer On ASE, gain 50% Radiation Damage for 10 Seconds
Transformer gives 20% cooldown reduction
Transformer After exiting Iron Bear 75% increased shields and health for 25
Transformer bonus move speed on ASE
Transformer health regen on max shield.

Let me know. thanks.
Again good luck on getting another one.

@stefntom Would you happen to have a stop gap shield with fire on ase. I have all the transformers already

#1. Thanks so much for even making an offer back.

I will check on the stop gap with fire but I do not think so. I will also check my other shields to see which ones have ASE 50% bonus fire and let you know what ones they are.

For some other ideas, I do have a stop gap on ASE 20% action skill cooldown reduction. I do have many purple grenades like a maddening tracker , and legendaries with bonus ASE and/or 25% when thrown, a ton of artifacts, and a lot of gamma burst anoints on weapons. Thanks

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I few other things I’m interested in are, recurring or mirvtacular hex in rad or cryo with either on grenade throw or elemental dmg on ase. The Duc with gamma burst anoint, cloning maddening tracker with any elemental anoint other than shock or on grenade throw. Red fang class mod with good Jakob’s rolls, bounty hunter class mod with Jakob’s rolls, rowans call with gamma burst.

I definitely have a bounty hunter class mod with great Jakob’s rolls. I am pretty sure I have a cloning maddening tracker with any elemental anoint other than shock. I will let you know in about 5 hours. Thanks
GT = Tom dot66

Again good luck on getting another Double downer.

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Sounds good my gt is Ye olde wolf. I will have this double downer waiting for ya

Anything else you looking for

Yes, I am looking for a transformer with ASE shock, an its piss grenade with an anointment, a recurring hex with ASE or Grenade toss anoint, and the list goes on. I like trying new combinations. I am headed offline. I will check back in, in a few hours. Thanks

Items sent. Enjoy.

Sent the double downer your way, I will send some transformers your way when I get a chance

Just sent the transformer with shock ase

Thanks so much. Good luck.

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