LF Anointed Face Puncher apply terror to self

I’m looking for the anointed Face Puncher that applies terror to yourself. I have a multitude of weapons and gear to trade for if interested! Thanks, GT: MutedDa WiZ KiD

Do you have an It’s Piss grenade? I have the shotgun.

Unfortunately I do not. Are you looking for anything else?

Got a R4kk P4kk mod for FL4K?


ASE100 guns?

Tracepo ill give an its piss and u can give him the shotgun

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I can give one to both of you, if you’re both on.

i don’t need one

Alright, that sounds fine

whats ur gt

D4RK W0LF 03 is my GT

ok, ill send when i get on

Thanks man!

no problem

Friend request sent. I’m on whenever he gets the grenade to you.