LF: anointed Facepuncher for Amara

Looking for an anointed facepuncher for Amara, have lots to trade. Let me know if you have one. Thanks! My gamertag is JumpnSpyder

I have one

Can you tell me what anointment it has?

I do have the 125 face puncher

What would you be looking for in trade for it?

need-125 bekah
need-125 amazing grace
need-125 hand of glory
need-125 tidal wave
need-125 headsplosion
need-125 sledges shotgun
need-125 infinity…corrosive
need-125 sickle…shock
need-125 dictator…cryo
need-125 fasior…shock
need-125 fasior…kinet
need-125 shredifer… radiation
need-125 shredifer…shock
need-125 damned…cryo
need-125 bearcat…shock
any of these if possible…have some others I’m looking for just trying to finish off these first

Ok I’m off to work right now but tonight when I get home I will go through my inventory. If I have anything on your list I will mail it to you.

that works and if I see u sent something I’ll send face puncher…gt iidaclapii

Sounds good, assuming I have something to send my gamertag is JumpnSpyder