LF Anointed Fearmonger (CRYO/RAD/FIRE) & Cloning Ghast Call 'nade

I’d appreciate if someone can give/trade me a Fearmonger Shotgun with either of the 3 listed elements and one of the following anointments;

  1. Ammo Regen while terrified
  2. 100% dmg after skill end/on enemies damaged by Rakk attack
  3. +65% more Rad dmg while Gamma Burst is active (Only if it’s Rad to begin with)

The Cloning Ghast Call I’d like with any of the following anointments;

  1. Applies terror at skill end
  2. Regen 1 on skill start
  3. Dmg & Fire Rate while Terrified

I have a Rad, Gunner Anointed, Fearmonger if anyone would like to switch 'em.

If not I do have a few cool things from anointed weapons, grenades, and shields, to classmods and good Artifacts.