LF: Anointed Fire Lyudas H: God Rolled Bloodletter/Anointed redundant Brainstormer

Need Damage on Phaseslam or Damage on Actionskill End.

Which prefix has the brainstormer?

Can i see the bloodletter?

Redundant and 100% weapon damage anointment

Its the 25% weapon damage/31%shotgun damage/30% grenade damage

Have it already but thx

Damn dude that class mod…You looking for any item in particular to trade for that?

And yeah the Lyuda’s drop rates are pretty freaking awful!!! I kinda hate the world drop mechanic in a way. Killed GW 200+ times and not even an elemental lyuda has dropped for me.

Pretty much just looking for those lyudas I listed.

I have lyuda( fire, 250%damage)
Can i trade for your bloodletter?
My psn : Seon-hong
Plz give me a message

Sent you a friend request

Thanks for the trade.