LF Anointed fire redistributor

Specifically the SNTNL anoint with 50% cryo.

I have many items to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for.

Hey man I got the redistributer your looking for, any chance that you have a nighthawkin with the sntl active cryo dmg annoint

Let me check, I’m not 100% sure.

No I have the one that is after swapping with your Digi clone weapon damage is increased by 130%

Also have one with while barrier is active, accuracy is increased by 60% and critical hit damage increased by 30%

Could you tell me if the barrier version has the burst fire mode? It should have a fire rate of around 13

It is burst fire with a magazine size of 27.

Nice I will take that if it’s cool with ya

Sounds good sending right now


Thanks bud I will send as soon as I’m able to

Right on!

■■■■ sorry bud I just read the title and I missed the fire part, I sent ya a rad redistributer

I will check, I’m not sure if I have a fire with that annoint but I’m pretty sure I do. I for sure have one with the consecutive hits annoint. I will let you know and I will send as soon as I can. Sorry again

I have the fire redistributer (with sntl annoint). I will send once I get a chance

Right on man, I’ll send you back the other redistributor.

If you need it you can keep it. If not I’ve got someone looking for one

I have that radiation one, so if someone could use it definitely let them have it.

Sounds good! I will send you the proper one as soon as I get a chance