LF Anointed Gamma Burst DMG weapons. Preferably Radiation

Let me know what you have and what you need for trade.

I have an Anointed Redundant Face-puncher:

While Gamma Burst is active, gain 65% bonus radiation damage. If interested, I’m on the hunt for an anointed crossroads or rain firestorm 'nade mod.

I have loads of gamma burst guns. I’m interested in a fire warlord with gb annointment. If you have that or breath of the dying, hornet with gb I’ll be willing to trade

I also have many GB anointed as I collect them. I have a Hornet GB for trade if still interested. Shoot me a message on Xbox, GT: Stevie Ohh

If you still have, I’m interested in the gamma weapon and have many different anointed crossroads and an anointed rain firestorm.

Edit: Message me on Xbox, GT: Stevie Ohh

I have a gamma burst Warlord if your interested.

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I’ll trade you for the warlord if you are interested. What are you interested in trading for it?

Just curious about the warlord with gb I’m sure you probably traded it already but did it have the fire element?

Still have it, will post a pic soon. Looking for an anointed facepuncher, or anointed Moze weapons.

Warlord is gone, but I have these-

I’ll trade you for the carrier. What are you looking for?