LF anointed gear on XBOX

I’m currently after the following:
Recursion shock+corrosive anointed with extra dmg or life steal after action skill
Transformer shield anointed with elemental attack after action skill
Any decent grenade with element anointed with a different element after action skill
I have some decent stuff to trade (wink wink)
Let me know what you’re after and hopefully I have it.
You can msg me here or on Xbox GT: Grlms reaper (yes that’s an L not an I)
I will be on now and probably all night from when I post this and will close this post when I go offline.

UPDATE: I have been given the items I was after so this can be closed.

Hey bud, any chance you have any of these items: nighthawkin with the sntl anoint, shock cutsman with gamma burst anoint, anointed double downer shield, anointed Rico shield or a bekah with gamma burst anoint? Or a blast master class mod with 4 vampyr 1 redistribution with weapon dmg, splash dmg, mag size or close to these stats?

Sorry I don’t, I have stuff close to it.
Shock cutsman anointed - while barrier is active, status effect chance is increased by 50%
Nighthawkin anointed while gamma burst is active gain 65% bonus radiation damage
Corrosive cutsman anointed - while gamma burst is active gain 65% bonus radiation damage

I have all of what you’re looking for, give me a minute and I’ll get them to you. The Recursion is 100% damage after ASE and also x2, it’s definitely shock but maybe not corrosive.

Edit---- its Shock/Rad.

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For real? That’s awesome dude! I’ll gladly accept those, let me know if there’s anything you’re after.

I’m all set, enjoy the loot. Any particular grenade you’re looking for? Got rainstorm, storm front, rad mirv hex, nagata…some others… all anointed

I’ll take the storm front and rad mirv hex also if you have a cryo or corrosive nade please

edit: actually since the recursion isn’t corrosive does any of those based of corrosive dmg after action skill? If yes that would be perfect but if not it’s no biggie

Lining up the rad mirv hex w/shock and a shock fastball w/cryo…good?

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Yes that will work :+1:

Sent, enjoy!

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Big thanks again :+1::grin:

You are welcome

Closed at OP’s request