LF Anointed Grenade Mods (Non-Hex)

I have taken a special love for some of the game’s grenade mods.
I’m looking for Legendary Anointed Grenades.

  • Surge (Cryo/Fire/Rad)
  • MIRV Widowmaker (Cryo/Fire/Rad)
  • Spring Epicenter (Fire)

Any variant aside from the base variant would be good. Any other uncommon (non-Firestorm, non-Hex) Anointed leg. grenade mod would be cool too. I’ll even consider some Unique and Epic grenades as well if they’re anointed and do something interesting.

I have a variety of things for trade
-Fl4k mods,
-Amara mods
-Anointed Fl4k/Amara gear,
-Anointed weapons,
-Anointed Recurring Hex grenades
-Redundant Face-Punchers,
-Laser Sploders in most flavors,
-Homing Sticky Quasars,
-Crossroads, Night Hawkins
-Red Suits
-Anointed Flakkers

Bumping this since I’m still interested and still have a bunch to trade.

Might be tough to find those. Doesn’t seem like a lot of people keep them around. I know I’ve gotten rid of all 3 in the past because nobody seemed to want them and we have such limited space. I am a fan of a direct hit with Epicenter, though.

I think I still have an annointed naga,gives 1 grenade regen per action skill activation. Great on rak commander Fl4k.

Nagata grenade? Fuuuuuuuu- That’s like 1 of 2 grenades I rarely use.
How is it?

It was ok,I must’ve given it away already,I no longer have. Got a regular surge and red queen though

I have an anointed bouncing moxxi pair I would be willing to trade. Don’t have anointed recurring hex yet

Heyo! I actually just got an anointed Moxxi’s bouncing pair last night. I also have a bunch of anointed Hexes. ATM I’m just looking for the other legendary grenades that I don’t have, speifically the ones listed in the OP would be nice.

Thanks though.

I have a mirv widow maker and cloning hunter-seeker if interested. I’m looking for recurring hex with +1 at the moment. Let me know if I can throw something else in for the trade

Hoping that those grenades you listed are anointed ? If so, I do have anointed hexes that I can put up to trade.