LF: Anointed Grenades,Weapons, Fl4K/Moze Class mods. H: High end Anointed Stuff (Pics inside)

Hello i’m looking for Anointed Recurring/Mirv Tacular Hex Grenades, Anointed Rain/Diluvian Firestorm and Anointed Cloning Chupa’s Organ grenades.

For Weapons anointment must be 100% damage on Rakk Attack skill , +125% Splash Damage on action skill end or +100% Weapon Damage on Action Skill end and Gamma Burst. Can also consider +50% different elemental damage on action skill end.
Weapons needed are: Laser Sploder, Cutsman,Crossroads, Star Helix, Redundant Brain-Stormer, Faisor, Lucian’s Call, Devastator, Super Shredder, Annexed Vicious Lyuda.

Class Mods needed are: for Fl4K I need good Red Fang, Cosmic Stalker, and DE4DEYE class mods with decent skills/Bonuses. Action skill cooldown + weapon damage or Grenade damage is a must as far as stat bonuses go.

Can also consider Snowdrift Victory Rush artefacts with +Action SKill Cooldown +Grenade/WEapon damage/Magazine Size.

For Moze I’ll consider Blast Master and Bloodletter Class mods with +25%Weapon Damage, Grenade Damage, Splash Damage, Action Skill Cooldown



would u trade ur 20% cooldown Transformer for this Deadeya com?


Hi there! On mods i really need them to have Action Skill cooldown + Weapon/Splash or Grenade damage…

Now looking for the said weapons with Rakk Attack 100% damage Anointment!

I’d like the fire cross roads and fire rowan’s call both with the gamma burst anointments. I have a blast master mod with grenade damage and capacity, a shock lazersploder with splash damage on action end, and a brainstormer with 100% more damage on action end. All 3 for your 2.

sent you a pm and gonna check for 100% rakk anointments too

I’ll trade you for your Annointed Cash Infused Brainstormer

Hi there! I don’t really have need for this one. I’m looking for anointed gear mostly.
I’d accept decent class mods for Fl4k too if you have any . Looking for DE4DEYE, Friend Bot, Red Fang class mods with Action skill cooldown + Weapon dmg.

if u are interested with one of these, i want your fire rowans call with gamma burst active bonus rad damage annointed.


Ahh i think i traded that one away or lost it :frowning:

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for:


Would trade this for your anointed Speedloadn’ Hellwalker.

ID is BaconSlayerX, so let me know if you want to trade. Will be online later tonight PST.

I’ll give it to ya for free if i still have it .

Hey, got an anointed cloning Chupa (homing)
Interested in your anointed Quasar (homing)

Oh awesome thanks! I’d also be interested in the anointed brainstormer (100% weapon damage) so if you want I can trade this mod for both that gun and the hellwalker if you’re looking to get rid of those

Hi guys,

I’m also looking for a Lucian’s call/Rowan/laser-sproder with gamma burst anointment.

If u get it in your bank and don’t need it, we could make a trade. Got some pretty good high-end weapons.

Let me know if you are interested !