Lf anointed guns with on consecutive hit

Hi hi, As the topic title says I’m looking for guns with this anointment. Have over 300+ anointed gear to trade lemme know what you need.

i have some, i check and tell you which

so, i have those :

  • double penetrating breeder
  • trained vanquisher
  • cryo lucian’s call
  • over standar carrier
  • shock rowan’s call
  • star helix
  • woodblocker

Just what I’m looking for! What can I trade ya bud?

oh i’m mostly looking for some anointed hex and stormfront with 50% dmg ase, and for very specifics ice breakers otto idol

but if you have any shock rowan’s with 50% shock ase, cryo lucian’s with 50% fire ase, or queen’s call 100% dmg ase, it will be great

I have a storm with fire ase I may have the queens I have to check mules I’ve seen it before but the ase clip one is more op if you have ase elemental on shield and grenade, it procs more Bullets on crit for some reason.

I have cryo lucians with shock and rad unfortunately although I do think I have a fire with fire ase

i need a cryo one (with fire ase)
i didn’t know about the queen

Yeah it’s not just the queens either… I have a list of weapons that multi proc shots based on those two to three anointments

So I only have the grenade :frowning: I have queens with rad clips after ase and rakk but not weapon ase

thing is, i need storm with 50% shock ase

do you have any anointed shields ?

Tons just depends what you need or lookin for

not really looking for those but, could always use it
any stop-gap ?

7 variants

My current baby

yep, it will do (if you want to trade your baby aha)

Yeah be glad 2, did you want the grenade also?

i would like that