LF Anointed Hippity Hopper w/ Offer List

To be specific, ones with 50% cryo/shock/fire/corrosive for 10 seconds.

What I have:

-Vindicator Ghost Call
-Really good Bloodletters and Blastmasters (w/ Weapon & Splash Damage)
-Spiritual Drivers (Good Stat Rolls)
-Lyuda (All elements)
-Kings and Queens call (All Elements)
-Fire, Radiated & Normal Flakker (All anointed)
-Hex: all recurring w/ bonus damage anointments for 10 sec
-Rain Firestorm
-Recursions w/ 100% weapon damage
-Cutsman…all elements with 100% dmg after action skill
-Quickies w/ Infinite Ammo anointment (Normal and corrosive)
-Radiated Hive and Jericho (both anointed)
-Lots of good Maggies
-Great Brainstormers (Next two mag anointments)
-Deathless (Elemental projector, Snowdrift & Ice Breaker)
-Last Stand Otto Idols (Good Stat Rolls)
-Anointed Shields (Stop Gap, Transformer, Front Loader, etc)
-A Lot More

Do you have a corrosive SNTL/cryo annointed or 100% damage ASE Lyuda?

I could see real quick or find one…u have anointed HH?

Ill take bottom one…is this what you’re looking for?

Yes and no. Yes it’s the type of gun and anointment I want but no in that I’m looking for a corrosive one.

Ok then…

Don’t be sad! It’s Christmas time and I’m all about spreading some Christmas cheer so I’ll send it to you anyway. No strings attached. :grin:

oh you don’t have to do that…I appreciate it tho…I found one eventually

Closed at OP’s request - deal done.