LF Anointed Incindiary Skeksil, Anointed Grenades, +5 Barbaric Yawp Mod

Taking advantage of the greatly increased Anointed drops to ask for some Anointed Items. Please respond if you have any of the following; I have a bunch of FL4k mods and anointed weapons, Moze mods and anointed weapons, and some Amara anointed weapons and mods and stuffs.



  • Artic Reflexive Night Hawkin x2 (Phasecast & Phaseslam anointment)
  • Redundant Face-Puncher
  • Expert ASMD (Phaseslam)
  • Ruby’s Wrath (Phasecast)
  • Lucian’s Call (FIRE) (Phasecast)


  • Transformer (Phasegrasp and Phaseslam)
  • Resonant Back Ham (Phaseslam)
  • Black Hole (Phasegrasp)
  • Red Suit
  • Brawler Ward (Phaseslam)


  • Last Stand Deathless (Grenade dmg, Max Health, Incin Resist)
  • Last Stand Loaded Dice (Pistol dmg, melee dmg, indcind dmg)
  • Snowdrift Deathless (Corros dmg, Shock Dmg, Move speed)
  • Sparkplug Deathless (move speed, incind dmg, cooldown)
  • Epicenter (FIRE) (Anointed Regen 1 on AS Start)
    -Some Elementalist and Nimbus mods


  • Skeksil (FIRE) - Anointed for +100 dmg ASE or +100% dmg on enemies damaged by Rakk Attack
  • Linc - Anointed for +100 dmg ASE or +100% dmg on enemies damaged by Rakk Attack
  • Redline (CRYO) - Anointed for +100 dmg ASE or +100% dmg on enemies damaged by Rakk Attack
    (I’d also accept +65% Bonus Rad Dmg during Gamma Burst)

Grenades (Anointed to Regen 1 grenade on AS Start):

  • MIRV Widowmaker (FIRE/CRYO/RAD)
  • Spring Epicenter (FIRE)
  • Surge (CRYO/RAD)
  • Cloning Chupa’s Organ
  • Cloning/Recurring Hunter-Seeker (FIRE/CRYO/RAD)
    -Whispering Ice
  • Epic Grenades that jump 3+ times and/or Bounce 3+ times. Or Ones that Split into 3+ and each of those drop 3 MIRV AND are transfusion would also be ok.


-Fl4k Friend-Bot Mod with +5 in Barbaric Yawp
Although I’m interested in +5s in Legendary Fl4k mods in general.
Just inquire about any Fl4k/Moze/Amara item you’re looking for and I’ll see if I have them. Same with any anointed item or specific item/gun/relic/shield etc.

Bumping with an update to some of the Amara stuff I have for trade along with some Artifacts I have and other random items.
I have more stuff, will update slowly. Only a few Fl4k items and mods.
Moze stuff will look into as requested.

Bumping; for now still looking for that Fire Skeksil, have gotten 4 so far and all have been either Corrosive or Shock. Really sick joke giving me all but the one I need.

That said, I do have Anointed Corrosive and Shock Skeksils.