LF anointed ION Cannon X'2

Specifically with splash damage.

Let me know if there is anything you’re looking for to trade.

XB1 GT conch8 I have an Annexed Vareet ION CANNON 2x 17005, fire, annointed = ASE next two mags will have +50 cryo. (+337 splash damage radius)

I am looking for a +25 damage spiritual driver

I do not have a spiritual driver with the +25 damage.

BTW, that spash radius is not a separate stat added. I don’t want to mislead. I am flexible, annoionted cuttsman, or brainstormer?

I have a few brainstormers with ASE next 2 magazines 50% additional elemental damage. I have a radiation one, corrosive and I believe cryo. I know I have a few cutsman, I just have to check which anointment they have.

cuttsman with phasecast 250, or + for named or bad ass, fire or corrosive would be cool. Brainstormer corrosive would also work. Looks like we will get something done, cool that. Going out to lunch , will check back later. Thx

I have a corrosive cutsman with ASE deal 20% bonus radiation damage for a short time.

Fire cutsman with ASE, the next two magazines will have 50% additional radiation damage.

Fire cutsman consecutive hits increase weapon damage by 1%per hit.

fire cuttsman with +50 rad will be fine. I will send the cannon as soon as I get your GT. I am conch8

GT- Vomitusvom

Good trading, Vomitus1 Hope we can do it more.