LF Anointed It’s Piss (On Grenade Throw..)

As the topic says I’m looking for the anointed Piss grenade with Weapon, Grenade and AS damage increased by 25% for 6 seconds.

I have a lot to trade as well. Just message me here on on Xbox , CRUZZifer.

I think I have that grenade.

My bad wrong console

Hey man did you ever get the it’s piss grenade you were after

Not yet.

I got one I can send ya

Appreciate it! Did you need anything? My GT is CRUZZifer you can add me, I won’t be on until later. Got to go to stupid work lol.

I believe I already have ya added. I will send in a bit

If you have any fire or shock cutsmans with gamma burst i wouldn’t be opposed to taking one. But if not it’s all good, or if you have any annointed big boom blasters or stop gap shields, I’m always looking for those as well

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I think I have some big book blasters. I will checkX thanks again!

Sounds good, thanks man. I will send first thing in the morning

Have another piss?

I do

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What do you need for it?

Gamma burst active annointed shock and fire cutsman,
SNTL active annointed nighthawkin,
Gamma burst active annointed bekah
Stop gap shields
Big boom blaster sheilds (looking for the 20% chance to drop boosters that give 20% dmg)
Maggie with incendiary 2 mags on ase
Maggie with corrosive 2 mags on ase