LF - Anointed Its Piss! (ASE +50% corrosive dmg) plus other stuff

Looking for the following stuff…

Anointed Its Piss! (ASE +50% corrosive dmg)
Anointed Rico (ASE + 50% shock dmg)

I have the following…

Aware Golden Rule (+31% AR dmg, +10% COV dmg, +10% Hyp. dmg)
Golden Rule (+31% cooldown, +1666 shield, +50% Dahl acc.)
Vulpine St4kbot (+31% pistol dmg, +20% reload, +10% Dahl dmg.)
St4kbot (+25% wep dmg, +31% SMG dmg, +25% Dahl reload)
Vulpine Tactical R4kk P4k (+13% wep rate of fire, +25% wep dmg, -19% recharge delay)
Vulpine Tallying R4kk P4k(+25% wep dmg, +45% Jakobs crit, +10% Jakobs dmg)

Plus ALOT more. Just ask and I may have it!




Hey, I have the first 3 items you’re looking for. The ION Cannon is 100% Rakk hit
and the Recursion is 100% damage on ASE.

I’m interested in the Vulpine Tallying R4kk P4k (+25% wep dmg, +45% Jakobs crit, +10% Jakobs dmg and you may have something else that I’d like.

Drop me an FR an we’ll see what deal we can do.

PSN is dogstar13

I wont be online until a little after 12pm Pacific. I’ll add you still though.

what else are you looking for for that ion cannon? i’ve got plenty of rakk gear