LF Anointed it's piss

Specifically the one that has, on grenade thrown, weapon grenade and action skill damage are increased.

I would trade for all these items.

Anointed Annexed scathing ION Cannon, after exiting iron Bear gain 120% increased splash damage. (Non elemental)

Anointed Iron Willed Lucky 7, after exiting iron Bear, the next 3 magazines 33% reload speed and 67% increased handling.

Anointed Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin, while terrified, you have a chance to fire an extra projectile per shot.

Cash infused Wunderkind Heart Breaker, while auto Bear is active, deals 20% bonus incendiary damage. (Shock version)

Anointed The transformer, after exiting iron Bear, gain 75% increased shields and health for 25 seconds.

Feel free to ask any questions.

Hi man. I have the it’s piss grenade your looking for. Would you happen to have any annointed big boom blasters

I have one that is the burning gratifying tiggs boom, on ASE deal 20% bonus radiation. (Fire version)

I also have stimulating shredded tiggs boom, while airborne damage is increased by 30%. (Shock version)

The big boom blaster shield is the one I’m trying to find. Or redistributers and annointed kybs worth’s. or gamma burst annointed gear

I do not have that shield. I have a Anointed Eviscerating mocking kybs worth, grants an extra charge of Rakk. (Fire and corrosive)

I also have the Anointed Defrauding synergized redistributor, swap with your Digi clone, weapon damage is increased by 130%. (Corrosive version)

Would you take the it’s piss with corrosive dmg on ase and a it’s piss with dmg on grenade toss for both of those. If not would you trade the redistributer for the on grenade toss it’s piss

I’ll do the trade for both, that works for me. What is your Xbox name?

Ye olde wolf it will be about a hour before I am able to get on

No worries, I’ll add you and you can send me a message when you’re back on.

Sending over the grenades right now buddy let me know when you get em

Got them and sent to you also.

Thanks bud.

If your ever looking for anything else shoot me a msg

Absolutely! And vise versa.