LF Anointed Kill-o'-the-Wisps, preferably bonus status chance/damage or WD after phaseslam

here’s my inventory, let me know what you need

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I have a few Kill o the wisps, no idea about anointment though. If I got one I’d definitely like the radiation queens call.

Give me your GT and I’ll send you the queen’s call. If any of your KOTW’s are anointed i’d be interested in what they are

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Just sent it to Stray2615 along with another weapon I was supposed to send to someone else, lol. If you could mail any Wisps my way that’d be awesome.

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Thanks man, I’ll see what they are and send the best ones, thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll send the other weapon back too so you can send to right person lol.

Can i trade for the redundant facepuncher and or the subsidized fear monger?

Sure, do you have any anointed Kill-o’-the-Wisps? If so what are the perks?

Sent a couple and the cutsman for the other guy back, hopefully one suits you.

Hello, I have an anointed Killo Wisp. Do you still have the Siren anointed Redundant Face Puncher?