LF Anointed Legendary Cryo Grenades +more

I have FT:
Recurring Hex (Cryo/Rad)
Red Suit
Fl4k Legendary Mods
Anointed Guns (a bunch of them, just ask)
Lyuda, Scourge, Crossroads, Night Hawkins etc
Legendary Artifacts (ask)
and Other stuff.

I’m just looking for an anointed (regen 1 'nade on skill start) legendary Cryo grenade. Hex, MIRV-Tacular Widowmaker, or Surge are all acceptable

Although I’d also be interested in the following grenades, anointed or not;

  • MIRV-Tacular Widowmaker (Cryo/Rad/Fire) (if it exists, I know MIRV ones exist, so I’m sure MIRV-Tacular also exist)
  • Spring prefix grenades (Epicenter or Surge) preferably with more than 1 bounce.
  • A Surge Grenade with a prefix, if it exists (Wish there was a list online of all possible prefixes for the nades)

Lastly I’d also like a +Damage/Rakk Fl4k anointed Cryo/Fire Redline Shotgun (Road Dog’s drop).

If you have anything I want, and see something you’d like, let me know so we can work something out.

I got anointed full set of recurring hex grenades, got any nice amara class mods, or annexed lyuda in corrosive or radiation ?

Messaged you with what I have. Let’s see if we can work something out. Thanks.