LF anointed Long Musket. Yeah, you heard me

I have an attachment to this gun! It’s fun. But could it be better? Anyone find an anointed version they don’t mind parting ways with? I have some tradeable items as always but I can promise I don’t have anything “god-roll” quality. I’m looking for Long Muskets what did you expect? XD

I’ve left so many on the ground lol. Next time I do a Jabbermowgai run I’ll keep an eye out and send you if one drops. What annointments you looking for?

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Top would be “next 2 mags 50% fire dmg” but anything else that would up its dmg output would be good. There’s one I think for 1% bonus dmg on consecutive hits and another 5% per kill stacking. Any of those would be amazing. I play bottomless mags Moze and I find it’s really good for close encounters with creatures like ratch or spiderants.

No worries, I’m sure I’ve left a bunch in Jabbermowgai farms so I’ll keep eyes open.

I just checked the ol’ spreadsheet. It only says the hellfire drops from jabbermogwai. The musket is listed from Lagromar. Have I been farming the wrong guy?

I’ll check later, just friend me
GT: SJMoos

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No you’re doing the right spot, but it’s world drop too and Jabbermowgai is my spot lol.

I only have one anointed with ASE 75% increased statuseffect chance + dmg
But i will look out for it too… if i see one with a good anointment i will message you

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Not shure if it fits what you want.
But just found a ASE 125% Dmg against BNB (Bosses etc) version at the takedown…?

Mine’s only reload on clone swap, I’ll keep an eye though

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@Undisputed_Dave I think I have what your looking for. I will check this evening when I’m done work.

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Thanks but I’m trying to avoid most ASE type anointments. They don’t last long enough with Moze, especially counted against her long cool down. But with my bottomless mags perks I can keep the uptime on “next 2 mags” type anointments going for a long time. And the 1% consecutive hits or 5% consecutive kills types would be good for a constant-damage stream like the Long Musket when combined with my fire damage bonuses.

Yup youre right there
I just thought, since i said i will keep an eye on it, and just found one an hour later or so, i should tell you, maybe you would still want it over what you allready have (for free)
But as it looks, you should get something from skavenger :+1:

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I have one long musket with the fire element and phase cast anointment. Do you want that?

No worries! I appreciate you looking out/offering. I think a lot of us are at that point though where if it’s not quite the right thing we’ll just end up giving it/throwing it away.

No thanks. I play as Moze so that won’t help much.