LF Anointed Lucians Call on Xbox

Farmed for it but can’t get it to drop and now very short on time due to work. I’d like any version but would love Lucian’s Call (fire) -------- On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus rad dmg. Gamertag Sloan7734 for anyone who needs trade I have many anointed legendaries and thank you.

I have an Anointed Corrosive Lucians with ability: On ASE: next 2 mags have +50% shock dmg

Xbox gamertag Sloan7734 … can you mail me one? And is there anything you are looking for?

I’m specifically looking for an Anointed Maggie (preferably a general effect) or an Anointed Conference Call (also preferably with a general dmg effect). If you don’t have those then I guess just give me a list of some of your legendaries and I can pick one because off of the top of my head I don’t remember everything that I’m looking for

I have an anointed essential conference call with 50% add corrosive after Action skill… that work?

I’ve had to make 7 mules to hold all my anointed legendaries. If you could give me specifics, I might have it. I also have a maggie but its class specific I think

Which class does your Maggie’s effect work for?

I may actually have that exact Lucians call you’re looking for but I would have to check my bank when I get home. Will let you know in a couple hours

Man, that would be great. I farmed it for days but work is not going to allow me to continue this pace. Is there anything you need I can search through my 7 mules of anointed items… I have them all organized but it still takes some time to search through

It’s for Fl4k but only in handling /accuracy. If you think of something else you might need, I’ll be glad to sort through my mules. I made one for every weapon/item and they’re filling up. Let me know if I can help

Maybe a few more off the top of my head…
Man-Eater Bounty Hunter (Fl4k class mod)
Sticky Quasar w/Homing
Molten Lyuda
Anointed The Flood
Anointed Masterwork Crossbow

If you have none of these and really want to get rid of your Maggie, I can still take that

EDIT: I’ll just send the Lucian’s Call now, I’ll be at work tomorrow

Tbjebloodletter is sending me the Anointed Corrosive Lucians with ability: On ASE: next 2 mags have +50% shock dmg. If you do find that you have the fire version + 50 rad, I’d love to have it. I’ll be glad to send you whatever I have of my inventory that would be of use to you

I might have the anointed flood. If I do, I’ll send it and the maggie both. I gave away that class mod Friday since I had 2 and I use the other but Add me to friends if you like and I’ll keepyou in mind for whatever drops on me. I appreciate it

Sorry man, I was mistaken and my fire Lucians is not anointed. If I come across one though ill let you know

Okay, thank you. Anything you might need? I’ll be glad to check

not really at the moment, thanks though

Just an FYI, I actually did mail you my Lucian’s Call a couple of days ago. My GT is MasterPham III

I’ve had to go out of town due to a family emergency and don’t have access to an Xbox at the moment but will contact you when I return.