LF Anointed night Hawkin and Zane Mod

Xx Diablo v2 xx
Hello I’m looking for a anointed night Hawkin and a Zane infiltrator class mod if anyone could msg me here or on Xbox gt at top

Sorry, I only have 2 Arctic Night Hawkins and a Cold Warrior mod. I’d trade if I had them.

Have 3 nice night Hawkins, one of my favorite weapons on Zane. But no anointed yet. As far as infiltrator mods, see my posts. I been practically begging for a good one, offering up any and all my gear in photos there. good gear. But sadly no takers, and the ones I have been offered have horrible rolls

I have anointed Zane Hawkins

I have multiple anointed Zane Hawkins all with diffent perks. What perk you looking for?

The hunt is for a ohasecast 250 Hawkins but since you seem to run Zane do you have any ase 100/125 damage?

I have one for zane that adds 50% cryo

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It’s accuracy and Crit on barrier