LF anointed old god shields (I’m interested in pretty much all anoints)

Well seeing as I just got home and the power is out due to a snowstorm I’m gonna try to get some of my farming done on here. I’m wondering if anyone has the old god shield up for trades. All anoints work. If you’ve got, let me know and we will try to work something out

I’ve got a couple of anointed ones. Here’s what I’ve got:

Colassal Old God - 13% Incendiary resist - Anointed Siren - On ASE, 30% of all damage taken is returned to the attacker for a short time

Marathon Old God - 13% Cryo resist - On ASE, Movement Speed is increased by 5% for a short time

Pancea Old God - 13% Incendiary resist - Anointed Siren - While Phasegrasp is active, Amara constantly triggers novas that deal 6796 damage

Let me know if you’re interested in any of these. I’m still trying to replace a lot of my level 53 items with level 57 items so I’m open to a lot of things, especially ASE 100% damage weapons.

I’ll take all 3 if that’s ok. 100 ase items I’ve got are Maggie, skullmasher, anarchy, hell shock, I think a fire redistributer, kybs worth(I think rad and shock), craders emp5, I think a Krakatoa. I’m pretty certain I have a lot more that I just can’t think of. If you have anything specific just ask and I can check. Or if anything above sounds good let me know. Thank you!

Sure, you can have all 3. None of the anoints fit what I’m looking for (need ASE 50% elemental dmg). I’ll take the Maggie, fire Redistributor and Skullmasher if you’ll do that. Let me know and I’ll send them to you.

I will get back to you to let you know which redistributer I have with 100 ase, but I’m pretty certain it’s fire

I’ll take it no matter what element it is.

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These are all level 57 right?

Shields have been sent!

Thank you and yep 57

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I got the guns. Thanks!

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I have one with sntnl move speed. You have one with action skill cool down?

I heard the ASE elemental anoint is currently bugged on Xbox and doesn’t drop. Got multiple anointed but haven’t seen one with elemental ASE yet.

Same might also be true for consecutive hits anointments on DlC weapons sadly. Really would like a Soulrender with that for my Moze.

I believe that since I have yet to see one. I’m trying to get a Soulrender with ASE 100% and the only ones that I’ve gotten are Kinetic.

Also only have a Soulrender 100% ASE in kinetic but at least they drop also in other elements. That sntl cryo one eludes me though.

I just now hit that point in the DLC with my Zane so I’ll also be farming for one with SNTL Cryo. I’m also looking for auto fire as I prefer it over burst.

I’ve only got a kinetic version for sntnl cryo so far.

I have it, do you have anything I’m after here to trade?

Ye old dog, I have an action skill cooldown old god that I will send you. I would like the hellshock 100% or even more so If you have a lob shock 100%. Need anything else? I have three different types of pearl of wisdoms + max health and health regen, + fire rate and Exp, and + health and reload speed. Most transformers, etc. Thanks Tom dot66

Sounds good, I can send you the hellshock and if I have a 100 ase shock lob I will send it as well. I’m pretty certain I have a 125 splash but I will check.

Both are perfect. Can the transformers or pearls help you?

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