LF anointed Operative Bekah

Hey all, looking for an anointed operative Bekah (100 SNTL preferably, but would be interested in the 130 clone swap one as well). Did the hammerlock quest and got a reload on clone swap ironsight, which is awesome but was really looking for either of the other two. Ironsight preferred. I may have stuff to trade depending on what ur looking for too

I have sntnl one and I’m looking Moze good class mod raging bear and bloodletter

Damn this is the only Moze class mod I have at the moment.

Maybe I’ll get a lucky drop if/when I play later. I’ll let you know

Do you have any of these moonfire eruption boomer creamer nuken juju with SNTNL Cryo

I have that Sentinel creamer for you.

I think I have a few boomers and a creamer or two. When I’m back home I’ll check it out

I have a sentinel boomer btw

this is the boomer I have

Sure I’ll trade

This one two, figured I’d show you

Awesome!! kevin_1557 is my gamertag