LF anointed protuberance (cryo), victory rush (berserker/ice breaker/atom balm





I do have a Rad/corrisve one with SNTNL
Rad one 32xx Dmg
coro: 34xx Dmg

That’s amazing. What do you want in exchange for both? You can ask for as many items as you want. Special stuff I have are x25 stagecoach with 100% ase, x2 corrosive lump with 125% ase (or 100% ase, can’t recall) and a lot of zane/fl4k anointed legendaries (including redistributor with 100% sntnl, cryo/corrosive variants)

Any chance you have Moze gear with after iron bear next 2 mags 125% inciendiery damage, or the 160% splash damage anointments?

Or this:
Craps All Element (SNTNL, ASE Damage, ASE 2 Element Magazine, ASE Splash, Clone Swap), Night Hawkin with 13+ Fire Rate and SNTNL Cryo (Burst), Flakker SNTNL Cryo (all Element), Scourge SNTNL Cryo (all Element), Whispering ice with 25% anointment

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I have:
Craps all ele with 8 magazine size, 1930 damage and 125% splash ase
Night hawkin with sntnl cryo (only 9.36 fire rate though)
Flakker all ele with sntnl cryo (908 dmg)

Unfortunately, I don’t have any moze gear but I can farm some stuff for you with those anointments if you’d like.

Let me know, I’ll be back in a few hours.

Add me on epic same name as here

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Updated OP

Not a victory rush, but checking if you need it.

I’m looking for Radiation Craps with interesting anointments

Thank you but I don’t need it. I don’t have rad craps either.


Up. Need those items again in level 53 variants.