LF: Anointed Queens Call and Bekah, ( I’m running FL4k )..will trade

In stock:

  • Annexed Vicious Lyuda anointed Siren
    After Phasecast, Status effect chance Inreased by 50%

Fragmented Vestigial Dragon Legendary Mod Siren

  • 1666 Shield
  • 32% Atlas Weapon Fire Rate
  • 27% Grenade Radius

Ramshackle Prime Shockerator Legendary Mod Zane

  • 50% COV Weapon Accuracy
  • 45% Dahl Weapon Crit dmg
  • 25% Dahl Weapn Reload Speed

Next Day Jury- Rigged Shockerator Legendary Mod Zane

  • 13% Weapon Fire Rate
  • 25% Jakob’s Weapon Reload Speed
  • 10% Tediore Weapon Damage

Blessed Circulating Blast Master Legendary Mod Moze

  • 33% Weapon Handling
  • 25% Dahl Weapon Reload Speed
  • 10% Jacobs weapon damage

Desperate Entrenched Bloodletter Legendary Mod Moze

  • 24% Weapon Mag Size
  • 10% COV Weapon Damage
  • 31% Heavy Weapon Damage
  • Speedloadin Hellwalker anointed FL4k w/ weapon status effect damage & chance increased by 75% for short time

  • Cash Infused Crossroad anointed Zane, while Digi-clone active regen 12% ammo per sec

  • Supercharged Polybius anointed Moze

  • Smart-Gun XXL Corrosive anointed Siren

  • Thunderball Fist pistol

  • Express Firesale Long Musket anointed FL4K

  • Shocking Vanquisher anointed FL4k

  • Dueling Wagon Wheel anointed FL4k

  • MIRV - Tacular Hex ( might be anointed have to check)

  • Storm Front

PSN: Adam jaz

Is this anygood ?

Yes indeed. Anything on my list that you’d like?

No thanks mate just trying to help out when i can.
Just add me on PSN my name is KnownMac and ill send it to ya when i get home tonight.

Thanks very much. Very kind of you :blush:. Your PSN?

Play Station Network :+1:t2:
PS4 i suppose means more sence lol

Sent… figured your PSN was your name

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Will update list later with some other items I have in my cache.

I got fire anointed kings call but got any of these:
cyro fearmonger
corrosive fearmonger
shock bone shredder
cyro bone shredder
shock shreddifier
cloning ghast call.

I don’t believe I have those man… have to check on Fearmonger later this evening.

yeah just trying to complete my sets! not fuzzed if there anointed or not!

All sent mate :+1:t2:

@ KnownMac… thanks again.

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Can probably sort out a flakker as i have 3 now (1 x Casual, 1 x Cocky & 1 x Itchy) Do you have a preference ?
I might even have a spare Alchemist ( fire and anointed i think but id have to check)

Anointed Alchemist would be lovely. As for Flakker, I have a casual so am looking for an anointed version if possible. Thanks KnownMac.

Casual is 15% Life Steal on ASE anointed.
Itchy is apply terror every 5 secs for 18 secs anointed.
Cocky is More Damage & Fire rate While Terrified anointed.

Just checked my Alchemist is the Fire one and anointed with Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time after ASE

I’d love the Casual and Alchemist kind sir.

No worries i don’t use either in my setup so i’ll send them in the mail when i get home from work.

Splendid and as I mentioned, if your looking for anything feel free to ask. Cheers

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