LF: Anointed Queens Call and Bekah, ( I’m running FL4k )..will trade

All done mate :+1:t2:

Thanks much!

Hey, I have an annointed Kings Call. Do you still have the cryo lucian?

I believe so… be in shortly and will send

PSN: Adam jaz

What element?

It’s Fire. The annointment is while STNL is active gain 50% damage as bonus cryo

Oh it’s for Zane…I play FL4k

I’ll give ya the Lucians Call regardless.

PSN: Adam jaz

I appreciate ya man!


Shoot me a friend request

Cool I’ll be on in 15

No worries

What is the wagon wheel anointment

Damage by Rakk Attack take 100% increased damage for short time.

I cant add you, I’m not sure how to be honest. My name is Syngenik

Just sent friend request

Got it. Thanks again brother

My pleasure… Enjoy


Got a kings call that’s no good to me last night. Its fire and Fl4k anointed Extra Rakk Attack.
Don’t know if your running the Rakk Build but its yours if you want it ? Its a fire one.